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Providing Professional Learning Services to Potential Driving Instructors

Many people continue dreaming of changing their career and improving their lifestyle and then one day find the opportunity has passed them by. The chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours you work is in your hands. Your opportunity is right now!

Becoming a driving instructor is achievable for most people as long as they have the will, the desire and the motivation. A part-time course, spread over a number of months under the guidance of experienced instructor trainers, is the best way to qualify and move your working life in a new direction.

Offer  January

 OFFER £1299 January

full Training Course Can be paid monthly

We are looking for Instructors in Telford and Shrewsbury

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    The benefits of training with us are …

    • We have been successfully training driving instructors since 1995 (over 600) and instructor trainers since 2002 (over 200).

    • We employ experienced ORDIT trainers with excellent track records who are specialists in instructor training.

    • All your one-to-one training is carried out on-the-road in our vehicle – the only place to learn the skills of a driving instructor.

    • Receive the complete package! We take you from fledgling instructor to working confidently, efficiently, and profitably as a qualified professional.

    • We have an industry–leading 95% success rate at Part Three. You get what you’ve paid for!

    • We can arrange staged payments to spread the cost of your training.

    • We include our own nationally-recognised teaching resources with individual advice and reports on your progress.

    • You have the safe knowledge that your course fees are spent on your training and not on expensive offices or advertising.

    • If you choose not to work with Learn Driving UK, we can help you obtain a placement with a local or national school or with setting up your own business.

    • Continuous professional development is available once you’ve qualified to guide you through the early part of your new career.

    Become a Driving

    The benefits of working as a driving instructor and how we can help you qualify and operate effectively and profitably as a self-employed ADI.


    Driving Instructor
    Qualifying Process

    The various stages to go through to eventually obtain the “green badge”.


    Your Driving Instructor
    Training Course

    A generic course programme for a typical person going through the process of qualifying. At K.S Driver Trainer we tailor your course to your needs.